We have 6 half-day classes and 1 full day class at Open Door School. Half day classes run September through May while our full day program is year-round. Read the descriptions below to find the right fit for your family.

Half Day Classes

Two Day Twos

This class meets Monday and Tuesday from 9 – 12. It’s a partial parent co-op with daily parent helpers. This class is a great intro to Open Door School for our youngest learners

Three Day Two/Threes

This class meets Wednesday through Friday. From September through December, class hours are 9 – 12. Starting in January, the day extends to 12:45 and children eat lunch together. This class also has a parent helper through December.

Two Day Threes

This class meets Monday and Tuesday from 9 – 12:45. It’s a great intro to Open Door School for 3-year-olds who didn’t attend one of our Twos classes (though returning families love it too!)

Three Day Three/Fours

This class meets Wednesday through Friday from 9 – 12:45. Children in both of our Threes classes participate in gardening, woodworking, and cooking. Children who attended our Twos classes often prefer this class as a next step in their Open Door School journey.

Four and Five Day Four/Fives

These classes meet either Monday through Thursday or Monday through Friday from 9 – 1. They’re the “Big Kids” classes at Open Door School and the perfect option for kids who are heading off to Kindergarten the following year.

Full Day Class

Our full-day class meets Monday through Friday from 7:15 to 5:30. This class runs year round and is comprised of 3, 4, and 5-year-olds. 

Children have morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, and a nap/quiet time while at school. They spend time on both of our beautiful, wooded playgrounds each day and get lots of time for projects and exploration.

Full Day is a great option for families who want a full-time preschool experience for their child.